Juventus 2-2 Tottenham: Eriksen Free-Kick Goal


Mauricio Pochettino’s men have taken have taken possession of their Champions League clash against Juventus coming back from a 2 goal deficit to a 2-2 draw this evening in Turin.

Juventus forward Gonzalo Higuain shot home a fantastic volley on the turn to put the home team ahead in front 2 minutes after the game began in the first half.

Juventus had the opportunity to increase their lead and double the score line after a foul from Ben Davies in the box. Gonzalo Higuain put home a fantastic one from the box to make it 2-0 in the 9th minute of the first half.

Tottenham Hotspur kept their calm and didn’t loose hope on the match and despite their early set backs they were able to pull one back in the 35th minute as Harry Kane beat Buffon to score their first goal of the game.

A bad turn for Tottenham came yet again as Juventus were awarded another penalty I’m the dying minutes of the first half after Douglas Costa was chopped down by Serge Aurier. However, Tottenham slipped through this one as Gonzalo. Higuain couldn’t find the post on this one.

But Juventus would have been more careful to score that penalty if they knew what was coming as Tottenham Hotspur grabbed a vital goal to make it level in the second half as Christian Eriksen out smarted Juventus keeper Buffon with a low free kick to make it 2-2 on the score board as they took home a fantastic 2-2 goal draw.

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