SCOREMORE Soccer Training Targets


SCOREMORE Soccer Training Targets


Product Description

  • BOOST SCORING PERCENTAGE. Anyone can shoot at the goal, but it takes consistent practice to make the perfect shot when it counts! Training with ScoreMore helps players focus on placing their shots in the corners of the goal during practice. During game time, shots that used to go to the goalie will go on the scoreboard instead.
  • SUPER SIMPLE SETUP. Most soccer shooting trainers only to work with a specific size goal or goal post. ScoreMore uses new Velcro technology called Omni-Tape to allow for quick and secure mounting of our trainer onto ANY size goal and goal post. Just cinch both straps onto the goal post and practice scoring!
  • BUILD SHOT VISUALIZTION AND MUSCLE MEMORY. Nailing the perfect shot is a combination of polished shooting skills and keen mental awareness. Training with ScoreMore helps you develop both. The bright target area constantly grabs the shooters attention, training the mind, AND honing shooting skills.
  • GREAT FOR ALL AGES. ScoreMore Soccer Training Targets were meticulously designed to provide a target area that would be useful for all ages. For younger players on a smaller goal (4’X6’), ScoreMore targets takes up a large portion of the goal area. As players develop, goals become larger (6’X18’ – 8’X24’) and the same ScoreMore Targets take up less of the goal area, allowing high level players to train for pinpoint accuracy


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