Football lab: Reasons why system should be adopted

Football is practically played around the world presently and it has become a part of the world, it is highly demanded by the people and the fans of football, this has become a reason why football lab is a necessity and should be accepted everywhere and in schools.

Children round the world now know about football and are fans already, children from 7 already know all the rules and regulations and all that goes on in the game so they also expect that this system comes into their curriculum, they are ready to imbibe the culture of football lab at early age.

Football lab is a system that will shed more light into the history of football and help children know what the game is really about, the business side of it, the game part of it and the rest. It helps pick a role model and help some realise that football is where they are to be. Many schools do sports for just few hours a day for the whole week so in essence in a week of seven days they do sports for just 2 hours which isn’t encouraging enough to make them want to go into it.

When football lab gets more exposure it will give kids knowledge and reduce the amount of money academies accross the planet spend in teaching the foundations of the game when new players join them because they are already exposed to it. It will reduce their cost in managing those academies therefore more players will be accepted.

When all this has been done then we can explain what should be present in the curriculum. A standard football lab should entail artifacts that takes us back to the genesis of the game and how it has evolved till date. Trophies should be present from the World Cup trophy to the local ones. All the World Cup balls that had been used has to be in the lab, explanation on how those balls were made then and now. This also opens opportunity for schools to partner with local clubs in their community such that this kids are allowed to visit their training ground and see how things work.

Whatever has been taught in that session on the aspect of football, there will be exams. The exam is divided into two parts, one on the field which will be practical and one in the football lab which will be theoretical, the level of awareness and knowledge this kids will have on football by the time they leave will be very impressive.

Then high level coaching and constant training will be all that is left to be the best and professionals in the game. To know how things will work correctly, their should be assessment of top football academies round the world and see what products are in their football lab and what is taught there so that they could be imbibed.

And Barcelona is a good example because what they have at La Masia is close to what should be built as a football lab in schools because this can help build tactical awareness at early age.


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